Horse Rescue and Welfare for Kids

Here are some pages and activities made just for the younger horse lovers out there! 


Horse Rescue Australia from NSW have a regular section for kids in their newsletters. It’s written by a pony called Possum. Click here for a list of the most recent newsletters. They publish artworks and photos that are sent in, and also share fun activities, such as a craft project called a “Foot Print Horse’, whatever that could be… click here to check it out in the April – July 2011 newsletter (PDF file)

Hoofs 2010 are also from NSW, and they have a free club for younger brumby fans that you can join online. Click here to visit the main “Lil Brumbies Club” page, it’s hosted by Professor Jock. The Lil brumbies club sometimes hold competitions too, click here to go to the competitions page, they have sections for younger and older Lil Brumbies!

Charlie’s Angels Horse Rescue Inc from Qld have some colouring in and puzzle pages on the “Kids” page on their website. You can also watch the videos about them that was on Totally Wild on Channel 10.

Quest Equine Welfare Inc from Victoria have colouring in and puzzle pages, including some great word searches on their “Quest for Kids” page!

RSPCA Australia have a range of great pages for kids who love horses and other animals! Their main page that has been designed especially for kids is the “RSPCA World of Animal Welfare” which has sections for ages 8 & under, ages 9 – 13, 14 & over and also for teachers. “Have fun and find out lots of cool stuff about animals.” Here’s the Horse Care and Management page for ages 8 and under.

Here are some more RSPCA links:

For kids who’d like to help the RSPCA by fundraising:

Would like to help an animal smile? Then take a look at the “Help an Animal Smile” page on the Department of Primary Industries website!

Do you know of any more pages like these? Let us know in the comments below 🙂

*Please note: We urge parents to provide appropriate guidance while their children are visiting any horse rescue or animal welfare websites. While the links above are directly to resources created with a younger audience in mind, there may be other pages on these websites containing information, photos, concepts, etc that may be upsetting to horse lovers of any age. *

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