Horse Health and Disease

Here you will find links to information on horse diseases, virus outbreaks, health warnings, and other related topics. Currently includes general biosecurity, Hendra virus and Arbovirus. If you have a suggestion for something we should add to this page, please let us know.

General Biosecurity for horses

Health Alerts/Warnings:

  • There have been recent cases (June/July 2011) of horses getting very sick from chaff contaminated with bits of dead rats/mice, thought to be due to plagues of rodents in various areas. Please check your chaff carefully before feeding it to your horses. Consumption of contaminated feed can cause severe illness and can even be fatal, so please ALWAYS check all types of feed before giving them to your horses, and let your feed supplier know about any contamination. It’s important to remember that pieces of dead animals are just one thing you should be careful of, as there are many other things, such as mould, animal droppings/urine, poisonous plants, rocks, other animal materials, foreign materials such as baling twine and no doubt many other things that horses should not be eating, that can find their way into various types of horse feed.


Hendra Virus

We have now created a separate page for Hendra Virus links and information.


Arbovirus – Increased incidence of Neurological Disease in early 2011

An increase in neurological disease in horses was recorded in several Australian states from February 2011, with several different types of arboviruses (the name given to viruses spread by insects) found to be involved.

Paralysis Ticks


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