Floods, Fires & Other Emergencies

Here you will find links to information to help you with horses in floods, fires and other emergency situations.

General Information on Floods and Horses

General Information on Fire and Horses

General Information on Cyclones and storms

General Emergency Information:

Equine and Large Animal Emergency Rescue

  •  “Equine Emergency Rescue” book by MaryAnne Leighton and Michelle Staples, for a wide range of emergencies including horses trapped in water holes, horse float accidents, cattle grids, and much more.
  • Australia and New Zealand will see a “Large Animal Emergency Rescue Roadshow” touring in 2013 thanks to the Queensland Horse Council. If you are interested in training in your area please visit the Equine Emergency Rescue website for more information. 


State by state useful links:

Western Australian Websites

Queensland Websites

Victorian Websites

Tasmanian Websites
New South Wales Websites
ACT Websites
South Australian Websites
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