Horse Welfare Resources 

This page is a directory of resources we have gathered together to make it a little easier for Australian horse people to find the information they are looking for. We’re adding things all the time, so please check back again regularly. If you have a suggestion for a topic you think we should cover, please let us know by emailing editor(at)

How can I help?

  • Adopt – Give a home to a needy horse
  • Directory – Connect with websites and social media pages of groups supporting equine welfare
  • Events – See what events are coming up in your area!
  • Rescue – Information for those wishing to help a horse in need by taking it in and rehabilitating it
  • Shop – Links to online shopping supporting equine welfare organisations
  • Sponsor – Providing regular, reliable financial support to a horse in need is a great way to help. Links to welfare organisations looking for sponsors for their equines.

Equines with specific welfare issues or that may be particularly “at risk”

Big Issues
International Equine Welfare
Horse Welfare and Rescue for Kids
Emergency and Natural Disaster Preparation
Horse Health and Diseases
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