Foster carers are experienced horse people who provide a home for horses and other equines undergoing rehabilitation, or awaiting rehoming through various organisations. Not all organisations use foster carers as part of their programs, but for those that do, foster carers play a vital role in ensuring they can continue helping horses in need. On this page you will find links to help you find out more about applying to become a foster carer for a range of different organisations all over Australia. Please be sure to read their websites thoroughly, and get in contact with the organisations directly for more information. 

Please note, this page currently consists of links to websites for organisations that have specifically placed information on their websites about foster carers ~ it is possible that other organisations also may use foster carers, but simply did not have information on their site when this page was built. You will note that some organisations who help different sorts of animals seem mainly focused on dogs and cats on their foster care pages, however this does not necessarily mean that they are not taking applications for horse carers, so it is best to simply get in touch with them to check. If you don’t find what you are looking for here, please also see the directory page for more organisations all over Australia. If there is something you feel we should add to this page, please let us know!


Western Australia

RSPCA Western Australia

Second Chance Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation Inc

South Australia

RSPCA South Australia


Animal Endeavours Inc

RSPCA Queensland

Save A Horse Australia Horse Rescue and Sanctuary

New South Wales

DCH Animal Adoptions

Paws ‘n’ Hooves Animal Rescue Inc



Bendigo Animal Welfare and Community Services

Cyberhorse Racehorse Outplacement Program ~ Do not have “foster carers” as such, they have “Outplacement Consultants” who retrain thoroughbreds through the program. Relevant skills and experience for retraining racehorses are required to apply.

Project Hope Horse Welfare Victoria Inc

RSPCA Victoria


RSPCA Tasmania

Tasmanian Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation Organisation


Bush Capital Horse Rescue 


Northern Territory

RSPCA Darwin





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