Adopting a rescue horse, retrained racehorse or brumby can be an extremely rewarding experience. There is nothing quite like giving a loving home to a horse that really needs one.  Plus when you give a home to a horse from a welfare organisation, you are making space in their program for them to assist another horse. 

Before you adopt a horse from a Horse Rescue or Equine Welfare organisation, please be sure that you have carefully considered both your ability to provide a long term home for a horse, and whether you and the needy equine in question are a good match.

Each organisation has its own conditions for adoption. In some cases you will need to become a member of the rescue/welfare group, some groups prefer to “lease” their horses, while others seek “forever homes”. In some cases there is an adoption fee, in the case of some brumby and racehorse rehoming organisations, the horses may simply be for sale. To avoid disappointment, please read the information on each website carefully and think about whether you can meet a particular horse’s needs before you apply.

Horse rescue is a very emotional endeavour. Horse rescuers put a lot of hard work, time and money into rehabilitating horses, so they are naturally very cautious about the homes their horses go to. It is therefore best to expect to answer a lot of questions about your horse experience, where the horse will be kept, whether you intend to ride the horse, etc.

Legally binding adoption contracts are also common practice to protect the horses, as the last thing anyone wants is for a horse they have helped to end up back on the path to neglect or slaughter.

Below are some links to websites where you can see horses from around Australia that are either currently up for adoption, or that are currently in care and will be up for adoption in the future. With some organisations you may need to follow them on social media (usually Facebook) as that is where they announce horses available.

Overall it is best to get to know the organisations in your part of the country, so that you understand the adoption process when a horse or other equine that you are interested in becomes available. Volunteering is also recommended, as you can get to know the horses while supporting the rewarding work these organisations do.


Pet Rescue

RSPCA Adopt-a-pet 



Association for Trotters Exiting Racing (AFTER) adoption information and horses available are posted in their Facebook group (standardbreds)

Galloping Hooves Equine Rescue

RSPCA Adopt-a-Pet Search Results for Qld

Save a Horse Australia

South East Queensland Brumby Association (brumbies)

Standardbred Association of Queensland adoption information and Available horses (standardbreds)

Tambourine Horse Rehabilitation Retreat

New South Wales

DCH Animal Adoptions (Click on “horses”)

Hoofs2010 (brumbies)

Horse Rescue Australia

Horse Welfare Inc

Hunter Valley Brumby Association (brumbies)

North West Equine Rescue Inc

NSW Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Trust (thoroughbreds)

Paws ‘n’ Hooves Animal Rescue Inc

RSPCA Adopt-a-Pet Search Results for NSW

Save the Brumbies Inc (brumbies)

The Standardbred Pleasure and Performance Horse Association of NSW (standardbreds)


The Animal Rehoming Service (TARS) – (Horses for adoption are not advertised – contact them to register your interest in being matched up with a horse in need of a home)

Bendigo Animal Welfare and Community Services

Cyberhorse Racehorse Outplacement Program (CROP) (thoroughbreds)

Epona’s Pastures (standardbreds)

Harmony Reins Animal Haven Adoption page and Connect-A-Pet Service (register to be matched up with a horse that needs a home)

Project Hope Equine Welfare

Quest Equine Welfare

Standardbred Pleasure & Performance Horse Association Victoria (standardbreds)

Triple R Equine Welfare

Victorian Brumby Association (brumbies)

RSPCA Victoria (See also RSPCA Adopt-a-Pet Search Results from Victoria)


RSPCA Adopt-A-Pet Search Results from the ACT


Tasmanian Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation Organisation

RSPCA Adopt-a-Pet Search Results from Tas

South Australia

Coffin Bay Brumby Assocation (brumbies)

RSPCA Adopt-a-Pet Search Results from SA

Western Australia

Second Chance Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation

RSPCA Adopt-a-Pet Search Results from WA

Northern Territory

RSPCA Adopt-a-Pet Search Results from NT


Please email us at editor(at) if you know of any other adoption pages for us to add, or to let us know about any broken links, etc. 🙂

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