The “Australian Horse Welfare and Rescue News” blog shares information on horse welfare and rescue in Australia. Check out the blog feed and resource pages for information on important issues, and see the Directory page to connect with organisations all over Australia that help horses and other equines in need. AHWRN logo 2013

Our aim is to empower people who care about Australian horses and other equines to do any little (or big!) thing that they can to help. We do this by providing an online resource with information about equine welfare organisations, events and issues.

There are hundreds of thousands of horse owners in Australia, and when you add to that the hundreds of thousands who love horses but do not own one, it’s easy to see that if we each do a little something, we can make a huge difference for equines in need!

Problems faced by Australian horses include the following:

  • Overbreeding that results in thousands of unwanted horses being slaughtered
  • Neglect
  • Abuse
  • Unsustainable brumby management, including inhumane aerial culls
  • Outdated welfare laws

This site will provide news on what is happening around Australia regarding these issues and more, with a particular focus on the activities of registered horse welfare and rescue organisations.

Please note: we do not collect donations or deal with money in any way. This is just a website, with accompanying social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Google+), for sharing information. If anyone tries to collect money using the name “Australian Horse Welfare and Rescue News” or www.australianhorserescue.com you can be assured that it is not us! Please be careful on the internet, there are people out there who take advantage of people’s good natures, and who will claim to be from charities when they are not. This is very disheartening when there are so many great registered organisation in Australia helping out equines in need who could really do with a lot more support.  Get to know your equine welfare charity/charities of choice really well, so you will know straight away that you are donating to the genuine article.

Please note: This site regularly links to organisations involved in equine welfare and rescue, who undertake a range of activities, including accepting surrendered equines for rehabilitation and rehoming, fundraising, and community engagement. We are not able to investigate/inspect/monitor the activities of the many different organisations, and act in good faith that they are representing themselves accurately on their websites and social media pages. Our reference to these organisations does not constitute or imply any endorsement or recommendation by the Australian Horse Welfare and Rescue News.  Any individual considering engaging with any of these organisations, through donation, volunteering or adopting/surrendering a horse is responsible for investigating the organisation thoroughly before undertaking any such activity. We encourage all organisations to provide all relevant details of their current registration/s on their website, and to update on their activities regularly to ensure peace of mind for their supporters. 

AHWRN has no control or influence over the contents of other websites that we link to, however we always endeavour to provide a warning if we link directly to content on a site that may be distressing. If we have linked to something with distressing content with no warning, please let us know so we can fix it.

If you have any suggestions, news items or events, please send an email to: editor (at) australianhorserescue.com.

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.” ~ William James

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