Off The Track: New Careers in Mounted Security for Ex-Racehorses

ATC Mounted Division Security

Photo: ATC Mounted Division

A group of former racehorses have found new careers as security mounts in NSW. The horses attend race days, music festivals and other events, and they also visit aged care and special needs facilities where they are much loved by the residents. There is also a job opportunity available to work with these horses, keep reading to find out more.

Raewyn Parkin is Equine Security Coordinator with the Australian Turf Club Mounted Security Division. Here is what she has to say about giving ex-racehorses a new opportunity after racing:

“The Australian Turf Club Mounted Security Division originally developed alongside the Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Trust, as the operational advantages of security mounted on horses became evident with the ‘Future Music Festival’ held each year at Randwick Racecourse.”

Time Out at a Music Festival

Time Out to Relax at a Music Festival. Photo: ATC Mounted Division

“Ex Racers seemed the ideal solution as they were readily available, athletic, courageous, and responsive to their riders. Utilising the very horses bred for this industry also meant that they could become ambassadors for the Thoroughbred horse, demonstrating on a day to day basis to the wider community that their home is not just on the track, but that they are indeed wonderful animals that can be competitive in just about any equestrian sport if given the opportunity.”

Training Session at Canterbury Racecourse, NSW

Training Session at Canterbury Racecourse, NSW. Photo: ATC Mounted Division.

“As well as their security duties on race days and at events and music festivals, our horses take part in community engagements. These engagements entail visits to local aged care and special needs facilities where the residents (and sometimes family members) are able to interact with the horses by the way of pats and even feeding the horses carrots and apples (the horses love carrots and seem to enjoy the visits almost as much as the residents).”

There are more great photos and information on the ATC Mounted Division website and Facebook page. You can follow the horses as they get out and about.

There’s also an opportunity right now for those who would like to work with these lovely ex-racehorses as part of the mounted security division. You will need to be an experienced rider with a security license. Here are the basic details:

Are you an experienced rider with a Security License?

The Australian Turf Club’s award winning Mounted Security Division is currently recruiting riders to join our team.

We require experienced, capable riders that hold a current NSW 1A, 1C Security License for casual work (primarily Saturday day shifts) within the Sydney Metropolitan area on race days and at events.

Our shifts range on average from a minimum 4hrs to 12hrs at above award rates.

If you are eligible please phone us on 0409 513 039. You can follow our Facebook page at ATC Mounted Division


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