Serious Concern Over Images of Injured and Deceased Horses from Aerial Cull in Western Australia’s Kimberley

Distressing photographs have emerged of injured and deceased horses from an aerial cull of around 7,000 wild horses in Western Australia’s Kimberley.

Those who have been following the story of the wild horses of Lake Gregory and surrounds over the last few years will know that there have been repeated calls for culls, and also a previous plan to transport horses long distances to slaughter which did not go ahead. It seems that despite attempts to establish more humane management of the horses, a recent count found six thousand horses and a decision was made for aerial culling to be carried out.

Photo: Libby Lovegrove

Photo: Wild Horses Kimberley 2010

Estimates of over 7,000 horse deaths from the cull are being reported, and Wild Horses Kimberley have released images of injured and deceased horses which have raised serious concerns. Supporters of aerial culling insist that the horses are killed quickly and humanely, however Wild Horses Kimberley’s photographs, including one of a horse standing with what appears to be blood down his/her shoulder, call this into question.

You can view some of these distressing images on the Wild Horses Kimberley website **Graphic content warning ** Distressing images from wild horse cull at this link from Wild Horses Kimberley **Graphic content warning **

A vet supervising the cull admitted that of the 452 out of 7,000 horses he examined, approximately 1% were still alive after being shot.

Media Coverage:

Letters to the Minister for Indigenous Affairs:

  • Wild Horses Kimberley have uploaded a letter to their website from Animals Australia’s Executive Director Glenys Oogjes regarding the cull. You can read it at this link (PDF file)
  • They have also uploaded a letter from traditional owners at Bililuna (Lake Gergory) stating that they did not want a cull to go ahead but rather to implement other management. You can read it at this link (PDF file)

    Photo: Libby Lovegrove

    Photo: Libby Lovegrove

RSPCA Media Release:

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