New Bitless Equestrian Association Places Priority on Horse Welfare

Have you heard about the new Australian equestrian association for riders and drivers of bitless horses? Many horse people these days will know someone who has taken to riding or driving their horse in a bitless bridle, or perhaps they have tried it out for themselves. The practice certainly seems to be gaining in popularity, and for many people horse welfare is one of the main reasons for their decision to transition away from using more traditional equipment.

Photo credit: Bitless Inc

Photo credit: Bitless Inc

The new association is named Bitless Inc, and they have identified horse welfare as a high priority in their activities. Here is a quote from their website:

“Bitless Inc promotes higher horse welfare in equestrian sports, and our Code of Conduct, which all Members abide by, supports that aim.  By joining Bitless inc, you commit to putting your horse first.”

Many riders and drivers that want to try out bitless bridles on their horses have been held back by the rules of many equestrian sports, clubs and regulating bodies. Currently there are many areas where bitless bridles are not allowed for competition or training events, and that is something that Bitless Inc is seeking to address by campaigning and lobbying.

Insurance is also a big issue, and the insurance coverage offered to members is sure to be of great interest to many horse people. The coverage will allow bitless riders to participate in a much broader range of equestrian activities, which is sure to see the popularity of bitless riding continue to increase as riders get out and about in the community.

Bitless Inc will also be supporting horse people who are new to bitless riding, with a bitless bridle bank for members to try out a range of different bridle types. They also have a members forum for sharing knowledge and linking up with other bitless, bridleless and liberty enthusiasts.

For more information visit their website at and “like” their Facebook page to follow their updates.



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