Help Give Horse Rescues a Boost on Facebook

A lot of people think they can’t do much to help horses in need, but it’s not true! You can help horses and other equines FOR FREE, from the comfort of your very own Facebook account. If you’ve ever wanted to be someone who makes a positive difference on a regular basis, this simple step is an easy way to get started.

Photo: Pete Markham Source

Photo: Pete Markham Source

A bit about horse rescue organisations:

Most horse rescue and equine welfare organisations in Australia are run by a small number of volunteers. Usually they don’t have much time, energy, and definitely not the advertising budget, to really get the word out about the great work they are doing – They are too busy doing it! Unfortunately this means many potential supporters may not even know they exist, and current supporters are also missing out on opportunities to help because they think by “liking” a page, Facebook will keep them up to date.

A bit about Facebook:

Facebook does NOT show every post that a page makes to every person who has “liked” that page. Posts that engage people through likes, comments, shares and/or clicks trigger mechanisms within Facebook that make them show up on more people’s news feeds. Some posts sink without a trace because the first people who see them don’t interact with them.

A bit about what you can do:

By simply interacting with posts made by organisations and causes you support, you will help those posts be shown to more people. Liking, commenting, sharing and even clicking links can all help. The vital point: This is NOT just about the people on your own friends list. This will help other people who already “like” the page to see the posts that they want to see, but may otherwise miss out on.

Does this really help?

Absolutely. The more people who know that help is needed, the more likely it is that the person/s in a position to give that help will be found. Whether it’s sponsors, volunteers, adoptive homes, foster carers, help with transport, etc, that is required, if people don’t know about it, they can’t do anything.

** Check out the directory page for a state by state list of horse rescue Facebook pages. **


  • You don’t need to go crazy, “spamming” your friends by sharing anything and everything. Just think – if everyone who “likes” rescue pages committed to “liking” a few more posts each week, that would mean thousands of likes on posts, and a huge boost for equine welfare organisations.
  • Make an “Interest List” of pages that you want to support, so that you don’t miss the posts that Facebook doesn’t send to your news feed. Find out more about Interest Lists here in the Facebook Help Centre.
  • Timing is key: If you see a post that has been up for less than an hour or two, and you think that post should be seen by more people, then you have a great opportunity to help. Many “worthy” posts seem to sink without a trace when no-one “likes” them straight away.
  • Add hashtags to public posts to help people find them. Find out more about hashtags on Facebook here
  • Prefer Twitter? Follow @AustHorseRescue and RT to your heart’s content
  • Amplify your impact by asking your friends to do the same. Share this post:
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