Ready for the 2013 show season? Promoting Brumbies, Standardbreds and Thoroughbreds in the show ring

Many horse people enjoy getting out and competing with their equine friends

If you’ve got a Brumby, Standardbred or thoroughbred and enjoy competing, take a look at these event calendars for a chance to get out there and show everyone how great your horse is!

Brumbies, Standardbreds and Thoroughbreds have one thing in common: most are not bred specifically for the recreational horse community, and so they often require thorough training and handling from experienced persons to ensure the transition from race horse or wild horse to pleasure or performance horse is as smooth and trouble free as possible.

Sadly the best information available indicates that these three breeds alone make up an estimated 62.9% of horses slaughtered in Australia each year (40% Thoroughbred, 12.9% Standardbred and 10% Brumby.)1

Prejudices and misconceptions are a major factor preventing more of these horses from finding homes. First hand experience, meeting or seeing horses out and about, can do wonders to address this, so check out the links below for events near you in 2013.


Standardbreds (Former Harness Racing Horses)

Thoroughbreds (Former Gallopers)

  • Off The Track Show Horse Series ~ Show series for thoroughbred ex-racehorses in Victoria
  • Thoroughbred Riding Club Inc (Vic)  ~ calendar includes dressage, showing and rally days
  • Most ag shows have had thoroughbred classes for many years, and a large proportion of horses in the open hack and galloway rings are thoroughbreds ~ Check your local agricultural show programs for details.

For more events relating to horse welfare and equine rescue, keep an eye on our Events page. 


1 – 2008 study into horses in abattoirs is available for download as a PDF file on the RSPCA Knowledgebase

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