Cyclone Preparation for Horse Owners

Preparation is key for extreme weather events such as cyclones. Here are some links to useful websites offering information on how to prepare your horses and other animals. When reading the information please think carefully about your own personal situation and produce your own individualised emergency plan to suit.

The Australian Veterinary AssociationClick here to read their article “What can I do to help protect my horses and livestock during cyclones and flooding?

In this article the AVA provides information on preparing and implementing a disaster plan, what to do after the storm, and the following very useful ways of identifying your animals:

  • “Neck band with name and phone number
  • Microchip
  • Halter tag (on a halter that will break easily, not rope)
  • Luggage tag braided into the mane or tail
  • Clipper-shaved information in the animal’s hair
  • Livestock marker or spray paint
  • Permanent marker on hoof wall”

Second Chance Horse Rescue have a post on their forum where people are sharing information on preparing for a cyclone. (Fortunately the cyclone that was headed towards Perth was downgraded) – See their forum thread on cyclone preparations here.

If you are in a low lying area, please read our “Floods” page for useful information regarding horses and floods.

General tips for equine emergency plans:

  • Be ready well in advance so you are not trying to move horses, etc, in dangerous circumstances
  • Think carefully about the safest place for horses to be located
  • Have cars, floats, trucks in good working order for safe evacuations
  • Check that your first aid kit stocked up
  • Have phone numbers on hand for all horse vets in your region in case your usual vet is busy
  • Have your mobile phone battery charged

Articles and other links of interest:

Emergency Management Qld – website “to help everyone make informed decisions and take appropriate steps when it comes to preparing for and responding to emergencies and natural disasters”

RSPCA Qld Facebook page – “Preparing your pets for disasters

ABC Darwin – “Cyclone safety for your pet

ABC Rural – article on a Darwin Equestrian club and their evacuation plan (from 2007)

An American website – “Emergency planning for horse and pony owners – Forum users are sharing their own experiences with cyclones. From reading the posts you will see how important it is to assess your own situation carefully, especially in deciding where your horses will be safest during a cyclone. Click here to read the forum thread.

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